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Maple Leaf is all about building relationships, especially with our clients and trades. Those relationships ensure a rewarding home building or home buying experience for our clients.

They really do deliver on their promise of Creativity and Craftsmanship.


Your home is an extension of who you are and how you live. At Maple Leaf Custom Homes, we’ve been designing and building our regions premier homes for 20 YEARS!

Our goal is simple - create amazing homes for amazing people.


As a design/build company, creative options are limited only by your imagination. We can work with you to create something truly unique, but that fits within your budget.


While each and every Maple Leaf Custom Home is unique, quality craftsmanship is standard. The quality of an MLCH home is evident to homeowners and visitors alike.


We work hard from our first meeting until long after you take possession, ensuring any concerns you might have are addressed. Don't take our word for it - ask someone currently living in a Maple Leaf Custom Home.

Meet the Maple Leaf team

Brian Saumure


B.Arch, B.Poli.Sci.Hons.

Architecture, Estimation, Contracts, Design Co-ordination

Brian works collaboratively with clients designing homes that help realize their aspirations.  He is also responsible for estimating and project budgeting.   He works both on site coordinating design details and in the office overseeing drawings and construction contracts for clients, trades and suppliers.   Brian helps turn ideas into bricks and mortar.

Fred Carmosino



Sales, Service, Financial and Legal Administration

Fred is the first point of contact for our new clients.  He liaisons with potential clients to share the Maple Leaf experience with them.  Fred also coordinates after sales service for our clients, in order to ensure that their experience is up to the standards to which we strive.  In the office, Fred oversees financial and legal administration for business operations as well.

Jason Benoit

Project Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the residential single family and multi-unit construction industry, Jason is responsible for project scheduling and critical path coordination in the commissioning of projects. Jason helps navigate through the complicated process of construction.  Jason's priority is maintaining the unparalleled level of customer service that Maple Leaf has built a reputation on.

Brad Balint

Project Manager

Brad has been with Maple Leaf since 2016 and has been working in construction for over 15 years. He is responsible for delivering our projects from start to finish.  He works closely with the other project managers to set project schedules.  Brad is also a main point of contact for our clients throughout their project and is often found on site with clients reviewing timelines and final details.

Oscar Cerna

Project Manager

Oscar has been working with MLCH for over 14 years.  Given his lengthy experience in building fine custom homes, Oscar’s an invaluable resource for Maple Leaf and our clients. His work contributes to making every MLCH home unique and helps to set the Maple Leaf experience apart from others.

Edis Peneda Caridad

Site Coordinator

Edis has been with Maple Leaf since 2017.  At MLCH he is responsible for various specialized tasks throughout a project.  He is often busiest just before a home closes.

Alidio Alvarado

Sr. Site Coordinator

Alidio has been with Maple Leaf since 2017.  At MLCH he is responsible for various specialized tasks during construction and after closing.  Alidio is a detail specialist.  

Alex Umana

Sr. Site Coordinator

Alex has been with maple Leaf since 2011.  At MLCH he is responsible for keeping our work sites on track. Alex is usually called upon to complete specialized framing and various skilled tasks throughout a project.

Kris Dylak

Site Coordinator / Service Specialist

Kris is responsible for helping to deliver custom elements in our builds.  He is also a specialist in after sales service, which keeps a Maple Leaf home looking great well after closing.  

Bryce Balint

Site Coordinator / Service Specialist

Bryce’s job is to ensure that construction schedules are kept and to help foresee any hurdles that may be encountered during a build.  He works closely with the project managers and is on site daily to ensure quality standards are upheld and that our trades maintain the professional decorum we expect from them.    

Jessica Carmosino

Office Manager

Jessica works on everything from monthly accounting reports, accounts receivable and accounts payable to website maintenance and office systems.    She oversees daily bookkeeping and account reconciliation.

Holly O'Sullivan


Holly tracks the current accounts and daily bookkeeping.